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What are M7 Business Schools

M7 business schools are a group of top-notch Business schools in the United States of America, known for their quality education, reputation, academic brilliance and high pay scale opportunities. The M in M7 B-schools stands for Magnificent or Magic. The M7 school alumni include several famous entrepreneurs and even Nobel Prize winners. Well it’s no surprise that the m7 business schools includes the world famous HWS trio along with that the eminent  group also involves Columbia, Booth, Kellogg, Stanford and MIT respectively. 

Getting into M7 Business Schools is not an easy task for any candidate. First and foremost you need to excel in your GMAT scores and should have a solid extraordinary undergrad GPA. A GMAT score of 720+ and an average GPA of 3.7 will help the process of admission in M7 business schools a lot smoother.

Along with exceptional scores, the M7 MBA schools requires a hell lot of intellectual ability and analytical skills to surpass all the hurdles. Moreover, you need to showcase that you’re curious enough to expand your knowledge base and use it to contribute in the class of an M7 MBA program. 

Acceptance rates at M7 business schools are much more rigorous compared to even top class MBA Schools. The acceptance rates at the top three B-schools of Harvard, Stanford and Wharton are even less than 14% hence, you need to have an extraordinarily good profile to get an enrollment. Moreover, the highest estimated rate of acceptance is below 25% for the other four B-Schools.

A great profile implies that your profile should be highlighted with awards, achievements, certificates along with extracurricular activities and ample amount of work experience. Furthermore any social work you contributed towards that had a positive impact on your surroundings would surely help you seal the deal.

M7 Business schools are prudent enough to frame their essays and application process in such a manner that they can certainly and strenuously evaluate your leadership qualities, how well you thrive in extraordinary circumstances and to know whether you are self-conscious about yourself or not.

All of this, from extracurricular activities to academic brilliance, career strategy as well as personal accomplishments makes sure that you are an eligible candidate for the world’s best MBA programs with low gpa

The deferred MBA program targets these very qualities to ensure and increase your potential to a level of top entrepreneurs. Going through all the hurdles may look a very daunting and hefty task but this much is assured that once you are able to enter one of the top M7 Business schools, your career is going to get an unimaginable boost in terms of prosperity and workmanship.