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Is Mangastream Down? Best Alternatives to Read Your Favorite Manga Comics

Manga comics have an extensive fanbase all around the world. The diversity in the characters and stories of these Japanese comics have appealed to many people and that’s why services like Mangastream have been on the boom for almost a decade. 

However, if you’ve been following Mangastream for a while, you may already know that it no longer works. The original creators have officially taken down Mangastream and fans are unable to read their favorite Manga comics online. 

Fortunately, the good news is that there are many online platforms that you can use as Mangastream replacement and continue to quench your thirst for Manga comics. In this article, we are going to introduce a few of the best Mangastream alternatives that’ll give you access to a vast collection of Manga comics. 


What Happened to Mangastream and Why It No Longer Works?

For people who don’t know, Managastream was an online scanlation manga comic database where people could read different types of Japanese comics. Mangastream was available for free, which means anyone could come and start reading their favorite manga comics without paying any subscription charges. And, since it had a wide collection of comics, it became a one-stop-shop for all comic lovers. 


So, what happened to Mangastream? Why is Mangastream down permanently? To be honest, several reasons contributed to the sudden takedown of the website. First and foremost, Mangastream was an illegal platform. The original creators of Manga comics wanted people to read comics from legal sources and that’s why they forced Mangastream to discontinue their services. 


Secondly, Mangastream wanted to promote other paid services such as Mangastream Plus where people can read comics by paying a monthly subscription fee. Since it has a better revenue model, it’s no surprise that they decided to shut down the free services. 


Top 5 Best Mangastream Alternatives to Read Menga Comics for Free

Now that you know what went wrong with Mangastream, let’s quickly take a look at the best Mangastream alternatives to continue your daily comic-reading sessions. 



Manga Fox


FanFox is probably the most popular website with a diverse collection of manga comics. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you’ll be able to read a comic and navigate between different comics without any effort. You can also install the official FanFox app on your smartphone and read comics on the go as well. 

This makes it a suitable choice for users who don’t have time restrictions and can’t sit in front of a computer screen to read comics. However, it’s worth noting that the app is only available on the official FanFox website and you can’t download it from Google Play Store or even Apple’s App Store.  





MangaPanda is yet another popular website where you can find all your favorite manga comics in the same place. Its services are available for free, which makes it the closest Mangastream replacement right now. What separates MangaPanda from other websites is that it has a well-categorized database. This means you can search for any comic within a few seconds.

The only downside of MangaPanda is that there are many fake platforms with the same name that neither have the desired collection of comics or an intuitive interface. So, if you want to read comics on MangaPanda, make sure to go to the above-mentioned URL and avoid all the fake websites. 



Manga Freak


If you want to get access to high-quality manga comics, Mangafreak is the right choice. Like all the previous Manga websites, even Mangafreak has a diverse collection of comics. Whether you want to read comedy, horror, or sci-fi mangas, MangaFreak’s collection will help you find the right genre and keep you busy for several months. 

Though there isn’t a mobile application for Mangafreak, the official website has a pretty intuitive interface that makes it easier to navigate between different pages and enjoy an immersive reading experience. 





MangaOwl is a great Mangastream alternative, mainly due to its “Latest” collection. The website is updated regularly with new stuff, which means you’ll never go out of comics to read. In fact, you can even find some of the comics on Mangaowl before their official release in the market. This makes it the best choice for readers who are always ready to read new comic releases. 

As far as its use-friendliness is concerned, Mangaowl is a complete winner for sure. Its user interface resembles Fanfox and has a well-categorized menu as well. This will make it easier for you to find a specific Pokemon quickly. 




Manga reborn


MangaReborn is also a decent Mangastream alternative for people who want to read the highest-quality manga comics for free. Though the user-interface may seem a bit odd at first, you’ll get used to it once you start reading the comics. 

One of the major benefits of choosing mangaReborn is that it has a dedicated “News” section that’ll keep you up-to-date about the latest trends in the manga world. In short, it’s a good choice for daily manga readers who want free comics without getting annoyed by ads. 



It’s a fact that Mangastream is gone and it’s less likely that it’ll ever come back. However, if you want to continue your manga-reading sessions without any interruptions, you can use any of the Mangastream alternatives to get access to thousands of Manga comics. 

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